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    Burn (From The Crow OST)

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    Join The Dots - The B-Sides & Rarities

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    The Cure


Burn ~ The Cure (from The Crow OST) 

Sure O’Barr’s cult graphic novel is a depressing read, its tears drawn from very, sad truths. The broken artist was inspired to pen the gothic revenge tale when his girlfriend died at the hands of a drunk driver.  The ‘93 flick from it is awash in similar tones, haunted by the unlikely death of actor Brandon Lee! On the soundtrack’s opening track, “Burn”, The Cure frontman Robert Smith emotionally emphasizes almost gothic grief with his signature pained wails that glide over the song’s chuggin’n’churnin’ industrial rhythms.  Never has an artist matched the subject matter with such precision. Never has a theme song been this vital.  And so we have a new Sunday file, Best Song from a Film Sound Track selection from the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner.  Peace, love and heavy fudge, y’all!  

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